D.O. Yecla

Designation of Origin Yecla

Barahonda belongs to the Designation of Origin Yecla, in the Altiplano region, a transition area between the Spanish plateau and the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by a ring of low mountain ranges.


The thousand-year wine producer tradition of this region dates back to the Phoenicians time, thus they already grew vine in this land of poor soil and extreme weather.


In the last few years, the small D. O. Yecla has been recognised because of its peculiar nature and the quality of its wines made from the indigenous variety Monastrell.


Nowadays, D.O Yecla takes in around 6500 hectares of vineyards


Yecla got the designation of origin in 1975. Twenty years earlier, the wineries had already started to proclaim the quality of their wines. Taking a new path, they left the former and stronger wines behind in order to provide interesting and new bottling red wines. Most of these wines take advantage of the great potential of Monastrell grape.


The Designation of Origin Yecla covers the limits of the township of Yecla, in the south east of Spain, in the Region of Murcia. The relief, characterise by deep and highly permeable soils made up of limestone, shows up a vineyard located at an altitude ranging from 400 to 800 metres above sea level.

Avant-garde view

Nowadays, technology is merged with tradition in order to guarantee a pleasant and long-lasting stability that creates lots of proposals issued from the experience of the oenologists from the different wineries; a precious, diverging and trained proposal to find followers in every part of the world.