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Guía Repsol

Our restaurant is spacious, comfortable and modern. It is noticeable because of the professionalism of the staff that manages it; they are young but well regarded and experienced in the national hotel and catering industry.

Awarded a Sun in the Repsol Guide 2016 and 2017, maximum culinary award of our country, also, Cristian Palacio has been named Best Chef of Murcia Region in Gastronomia Awards 2016.



Cristian Palacio, Barahonda´s Chef, is young chef from Zaragoza who started to work in this business with just 15 years old. He Worked with several chefs from different culinary disciplines. His vision changed after working with David Boldova in El Lago Restaurante, where he instilled the importance of teamwork and the need to unleash the imagination.