A winery surrounded by hundred-year-old vineyards

The winery boasts a peculiar shape of plain and symmetric lines which are juxtaposed with the surrounding worker. Despite this, it is perfectly integrated in the landscape of the valley. The winery is built with traditional materials and is surrounded by the vineyards that provide the valuable raw material.

Inside the building you can visit the modern winemaking facilities, taste our products and contemplate the landscape while enjoying a delicious meal in the restaurant on the upper floor. 

In Barahonda we make balanced and expressive wines full of colour and flavour; complex wines which have their personality and which every year achieve prizes, awards and high scores by the best wine critics in the world.

As the Barahonda logo proclaims, our wines are linked to the field, made from the vine. Grapes are carefully raised as it is an essential part in the personality of a quality wine.

D.O. Yecla

Barahonda belongs to the Designation of Origin Yecla, in the Altiplano region, a transition area between the Spanish plateau and the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by a ring of low mountain ranges.

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Monastrell is a native variety with compact grape-cluster and small and round-berry. This variety first appeared in documents in the 15th century although its use to make local wines is undoubtedly older.

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Nowadays, we own 150 hectares and other 600 hectares are controlled by our agricultural technical department in order to obtain the greatest grapes.

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Visit our winery and enjoy wine tourism

Wine Tourism